Nickelodeon Posts Video To Indoctrinate Kids About ‘Environmental Racism,’ Turns Off Comments

Well, kids, Nickelodeon is here to save the day. And if not save the day, then at least teach you that even the environment is racist. Or something like that.

It’s true. Nickelodeon is now trying to educate its viewers on “environmental racism” (the quotes are actually theirs), posting its message to Twitter — and of course, turning off the comments. Ya know, because this is communist China. Or American media, which is basically the same things these days, with its unrelenting desire to divide and drive the nation to its knees.

Take a look for yourself.

Social injustice. Environmental injustice. As the girl in the video insists, they “both coincide together.”

Do those things exist? Of course. Are they at the very fabric of our nation? Of course not. But Nickelodeon says they are, preaching it as absolute truth. All of it is just more evidence that the America media no longer merely offers information and allows the public to make a decision based on facts.

Instead, it has become a vehicle to push political agendas, and insists you’re a bad person if you don’t totally agree.

Got that, kids?

Written by Sam Amico

Sam Amico spent 15 years covering the NBA for Sports Illustrated, FOX Sports and, along with a few other spots, and currently runs his own basketball website on the side,


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  1. This all a ploy by communists who are desperately trying to use the “racism” word to get black people on fully on board with climate change hoax. The reason climate change is useful for the communists is that all the solutions proposed to fix climate change involve big global government control and the passing of economic policies and regulations that hamper the American economy while China does whatever they want and booms.

  2. The video references, “minority and low income residents.” Since I would imagine that at least some of the low income residents are white, exactly how is this racism? Are they aware that New Zealand has more sheep than people? Is that environmental racism too? Also, some county, somewhere, has to be the county that “produces more hogs than any other county in the US.” “Chances are the pork chop or bacon you ate *might* have come from this county.” This is fraudulent statistical analysis, and ridiculous propaganda. Parents of young kids, make sure you know what they’re watching, and steer them away from Nickelodeon.

  3. We long for the days of Spongebob and Hey Arnold! They had some notoriety for their Super Bowl broadcast, but now have decided to squander it with leftist propaganda. Shame, but we shouldn’t be surprised because the leftists have been targeting our kids for YEARS.

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