Nick Wright to Join Colin Cowherd’s Podcast Network

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Nick Wright is joining Colin Cowherd’s podcast network, sources tell Outkick.

Since 2018, Wright had been hosting a daily radio show on SiriusXM’s Mad Dog Radio from 6-8 pm.m ET.  As Outkick reported in August, Wright wanted to move up to 1-3 p.m. slot, but SiriusXM chose Pat McAfee instead. Steve Torre will replace Wright on the channel.

Wright’s show will air three times per week on The Herd Podcast Network.

Podcast networks are the next step in digital media. When fronted by a digital draw like Cowherd, hosts who otherwise wouldn’t attract strong followings inherit significant built-in listeners. Wright joins John Middlekauff, Doug Gottlieb, Rob Parker, Jane Slater and Bobby Belt on the audio channel.

The idea compares to TV and radio shows with strong lead-ins:

The move will not impact Wright’s role on First Things First on FS1.

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  1. I used to like the herds show years back when he started on fs1 and even in the espn days but he has become like the mainstream media an echo chamber with the same boring takes as the others and no originality or ingenuity. If you just conform to media pressure by licking lebron’s nut sac balls all the time it comes across as disingenuous, boring and cowardly. I’ll just turn on espn for that matter. Wright is cut from the same cloth… predictably boring

  2. Nick Wright…The ANSWER!!! Media savior…ramrod for the herd.
    Sounds like podcasts are the future just like the revenue streams are endless.
    Economy goes southbound if China Joe gets elected…folks ain’t buyin’ nuffin ‘cept essentials…food, shelter, clothing. Kids need a new iPhone…a new PlayStation…a new laptop???
    Fill in the blank with parents’ answers ______________________________________________!!!!!!!!

    This is monopoly money that’s being thrown around the media’s fake reality.

    Better option: Economy doesn’t go southbound b/c Pres. trump is re-elected:
    Still…parents will eventually realize they need to save for a rainy day…and hubby’s podcasts are not essential…just like cable TV (which has zilch). The economy has always contracted and expanded.

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