Nick Saban’s Daughter Knocks Out Legal Opposition, Stands Her Ground

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Nick Saban’s daughter Kristen was named as a defendant in a sorority catfight lawsuit that was filed in July of 2012.  The lawsuit alleged that, among other things, back in 2010 Kristen Saban delivered a beatdown of epic proportions to a former sorority sister, the sorority beatdown equivalent of when Nick Saban’s teams played Derek Dooley’s teams.

Well, Kristen Saban not only won the fight, she won the lawsuit too.

Yesterday the circuit court of Tuscaloosa County — think a jury in Tuscaloosa County might have been slanted towards the Saban family if this case had gone to trial? — granted Kristen Saban’s request for summary judgment in the sorority catfight beatdown case.

Let’s go to the opinion of Judge James H. Roberts, Jr.  

“In the early morning hours of August 29, 2010, the Plaintiff and the Defendant, along with some mutual girlfriends, returned to the Defendant’s apartment after a night of socializing at a local bar. As they sat in the kitchen discussing the night’s events, an argument ensued between the Plaintiff and the Defendant, which prompted the Defendant to leave the room, go upstairs to her bedroom, and lock her door.

While in her room, the Defendant posted on Facebook, “No one likes Sarah, yayyyyy!” apparently in reference to the Plaintiff. Sometime later, the Plaintiff saw this post, became angry, went to the Defendant’s bedroom and began yelling and pounding on the locked door, demanding the post be removed. When the Defendant opened the door to her bedroom and attempted to show the Plaintiff her phone and that the post had been removed, the Plaintiff advanced toward the Defendant, got within inches of the Defendant’s face, and continued yelling.

As the Defendant pushed the Plaintiff away, the Plaintiff grabbed the Defendant by the throat, and the physical altercation began.


The Defendant was in her home, locked in her bedroom, when the Plaintiff sought out the Defendant and initiated the confrontation. The Plaintiff’s response to Defendant’s Facebook post was unreasonable and excessive. The Plaintiff initiated the confrontation when she sought out the Defendant after the Defendant had left the room where the argument had taken place, and by going to Defendant’s locked bedroom door yelling and demanding the post be taken down. When Defendant opened the door to an angry Plaintiff within inches of her face, it was reasonable for the Defendant to believe imminent use of unlawful physical force by the Plaintiff was about to be used against her. The Defendant had a right to be in her home, had no duty to retreat and had the right to stand her ground. Therefore, the Defendant was justified in using physical force to defend herself from what she reasonably believed to be the use of unlawful physical force by the Plaintiff. Furthermore, the Defendant was justified in using a degree of force that she reasonably believed was necessary to repel the Plaintiff’s use and threat of physical force.

Roll Tide, y’all.

Kristen Saban stood her ground. She’s like the Bama defense — except when they play Texas A&M, Auburn or Oklahoma.  

I think Alabama deserves a 16th national title for this legal victory. 

Y’all agree. 

Written by Clay Travis

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