Nick Saban Received Unsolicited Lap Dance From Stripper When He Coached Dolphins

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Things certainly didn’t go according to plan when Alabama’s Nick Saban sandwiched a two-year NFL coaching stint between college gigs.

On or off the field.

Saban coached the Miami Dolphins for two seasons (2005-2006), winning just 15 of 32 games. And while there’s no dancing around his record, there apparently was some dancing being done within the Dolphins’ facility.

Former Miami linebacker Channing Crowder confirmed as much during this week’s episode of “The Pivot Podcast,” featuring former LSU star JaMarcus Russell. Crowder, who played for the Dolphins from 2005-2010, is one of the podcast’s hosts.

“I brought strippers to the Dolphins’ facility,” Crowder told his guest, Russell. “She walked in with nothing but a thong on and a Jason Taylor jersey, and she went up there, Nick Saban was in a chair. She shook it for Nick Saban.”

Crowder and Russell briefly debated whether or not the stripper who danced for Saban went by the stage name “Tip Drill” or “White Chocolate.” And though that part of the story was hazy to at least some of the podcast’s participants, remembrance of the dirty dance is clear as day.

“Nick Saban grabbed her hips, pushed her to the side and ran up the stairs,” recalled Crowder.

A short time later he also ran away from the NFL – and Tip Drill.


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Written by Anthony Farris


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