Nick Saban Leads Alabama Football Team On March For Social Justice

Nick Saban was front and center leading his players through the University of Alabama campus today in a march for social justice, according to reporter Simone Eli who was there recording as the five-time Alabama national champion head coach walked by.

“I don’t get to see the world through the same lens that a lot of our players do. I think that I appreciate the lens that they see the world in,” Saban said outside Foster Hall after leading the march. “Today, I’m like a proud parent,” “I’m proud of our team. I’m proud of our messengers and I’m proud of the message.”

Saban went on to talk about a video the team released in June.

“I’m proud of the all lives can’t matter until black lives matter video that we did early on that I think had a positive impact. It was something we did together as a team.

“I’m very proud and supportive of what they’re trying to say in a peaceful and intelligent way.”

Written by Joe Kinsey

I'm an Ohio guy, born in Dayton, who roots for Ohio State and can handle you guys destroying the Buckeyes, Urban Meyer and everything associated with Columbus.


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  1. Douchebag!!!
    No…not you, Joker…I mean Nick Saban.
    He’s been to MANY if not all his players homes during recruiting. I’m sure MANY have very ordinary homes…yet he’s taking MANY of them on a journey to the promised land that leads to a very comfortable life, and to generational wealth for some.
    I’m betting his program is a meritocracy.
    I’m betting he preaches hard work…and perseverance…and study (the playbook).
    Those are traits that will help you succeed in life, on or off the gridiron.
    But Father Nick is taking the kids on a search for racial justice…which isn’t something you find walking through the neighborhood. He’s being a disingenuous schmuck.

  2. OK so now Nick Saban has dipped into the social justice farse well i hope you mention that Chitown has recorded 497 murders to date which is 147 more than last year same period. The vast majority of the victims are young black men how bout that any mentions from you or any other of your phony pals.Year after year this slaughter has been going on in a city with a black mayor black police chief so this window dressing you phonies is changing nothing except making you all look ignorant and pathetic race hustlers.

  3. “Today, I’m like a proud parent” – Nick Saban

    An appropriate line…paternalistic & patronizing…treating these student athletes as his victimized children. Student athletes who have had their ass kissed since they walked onto campus, and likely well before that.

    This parent’s lesson…commit a sexual assault felony on a black female, and when that female calls the police, resist arrest when cops try to arrest you. You will be martyred…there will be riots in your name, and you’ll have grand marches in your honor…even on the campus of the University of Alabama.

    What a coach.

    • For sure. Today, Whitlock was commenting on the problem that many journalists have that work at corporations. They feel pressure from the corporation who are feeling pressure from social media to get in line, so they don’t write what they really feel. I think this is happening for coaches like Saban and Tomlin. They need to figure out how to weather the storm. Personally, I wouldn’t be leading this march. I think there is a way to be respectful of other’s people’s rights to say what they want, satiate them, and still hold true to your own beliefs.

  4. As discouraging as it is to see ‘leaders’ either fall for or choose to play along with the SJW BS, I submit that these young men are 18, 19, 20 years old – and certainly no match for the crafty tricks of the Soros, CNN, BLM propaganda machine.
    I think Saban knows it’s BS, but also sees that – right or wrong – these young men ‘believe’ they’re well intentioned, truly. And rather than take the avoidance path, Coach Saban has decided that he’ll get a lot more attention from the youth he’s leading, if he ‘walks in their shoes,’ and therefore shows the ability to LISTEN, which, hopefully, he’ll ask of them down the road, educating them about critical thought regarding what’s happening in America these days…?! Hope, hope.

  5. What’s next? Saban lecturing Alabamans on how they are “irredeemably racist”? Hasn’t Alabama football made a lot of young black men independently wealthy in recent years? I thought Alabama had come a long way since Wallace? I guess not. Either that or it will hurt recruiting if he doesn’t get “down” with the whole SJ thing.

  6. “I don’t get to see the world through the same lens that a lot of our players do. I think that I appreciate the lens that they see the world in.”

    That’s the key statement. I had a 20-something on my work team say essentially the same thing. The problem is we’ve traded dialogue for blind empathy. We’ve traded facts for emotion. We’ve traded debate for capitulation.

    It doesn’t matter if what the players are “seeing” is a false narrative at its core, that they take random, one-off examples as systemic. They ‘feel” like their personal truth is a universal truth, and if it’s opposed, you are not an ally. I hate that fucking label by the way. It’s just another tool of manipulation and coercion.

    If Nick wants to be a parent in the truest sense of the world, he’d help these kids sharpen their critical thinking and encourage reasoned discourse. Instead, it’s just easier to walk like a dope down the street and keep your legacy intact.

    • Well put. There is no dialogue hence why Outkick is so popular right now. Emotion rules the day and anyone that argues fact and logic is an “enemy” and either racist or an Uncle Tom/sell out. Is there racism? Yes its human nature for some of us to be ignorant and hate, but is there truly systemic racism? No.

  7. People it’s all about recruiting recruiting recruiting. You can’t be honest or your vilified if you are someone in his position. It’s easy for us (or myself) to see the B.S and the fakeness but once you succumb to the group think I am sure Saban feels like he can get on with his work. I don’t support his view but understand why he is doing that.

  8. Why they don’t talk about black on black crimes? More black people killed by black people. That’s not social injustice. What about those people’s life? Are their lives matter? All Black lives matter including those black lives killed by black people.

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