Nick Saban Does the Electric Slide, Confirms Real Saban Has Been Kidnapped, Replaced

I’m starting to think Nick Saban we’ve got a “Dave” situation with Nick Saban right now.

If you don’t recall, the premise of the movie “Dave,” was that the president was incapacitated and a man who looked just like the president suddenly took over the office.

The public was none the wiser. 

Is the same thing going on with Nick Saban? Have Auburn fans somehow pulled off the greatest intelligence coup in college football history, kidnapping the real Nick Saban and replacing him with a kinder, gentler Nick Saban who isn’t actually very good at coaching football?

First, he loses the Iron Bowl to Auburn, then his team is destroyed by Oklahoma — Bob Stoops outcoached him!. Next, he’s incredibly engaging on ESPN. Then he hires Lane Kiffin as offensive coordinator and delivers a heartfelt keynote address to the nation’s college football coaches.

Now he’s doing the “Electric Slide,” in a crimson blazer. 

This is several minutes of frivolity that Saban will never get back. 

The real Nick Saban would never “Electric Slide,” when there’s game film to watch.  

Pretty soon Saban is going to start smiling and speaking to Alabama fans in public. 

Which leaves us with only one question: Where is Auburn keeping the real Nick Saban?

Written by Clay Travis

OutKick founder, host and author. He's presently banned from appearing on both CNN and ESPN because he’s too honest for both.