Nick Saban Unleashes Anti-Media Rant, Looks To Be In Mid-Season Form

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Nick Saban is already taking shots at the media, and Alabama hasn’t played a single game yet.

Alabama opens the season against Middle Tennessee this Saturday night, and all eyes are on Tuscaloosa to see how the depth chart will shake out.

Most notably, people want to know who will start at QB for the Crimson Tide. It certainly feels like the most open QB battle in years for Nick Saban’s squad.

Just don’t count on Saban to give a damn when it comes to what the media wants to know.

Nick Saban won’t give the media a depth chart ahead of the season starting. (Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images)

Nick Saban rants about the media and depth charts.

Well, not only will he not be releasing a depth chart, the seven-time national champion claimed the media cares more about the depth chart than the actual game during a nice little rant.

Saban told the media the following, in part, Monday during his little rant:

I know your number one focus is not on the game, it’s on the depth chart. Look, there’s a lot of competition on the team, and when we put a depth chart out, you all think that’s, like, final. Like it’s etched in stone and it’s going to be this way forevermore just because we come out of fall camp and that’s where it is. Creates a lot of distractions on our team. Creates a lot of guys thinking, ‘Well, this guy won the job now and I’m not going to play or whatever.’ And quite frankly, we don’t need that. I want all of our players to continue to compete. Continue to compete for playing time. To try to play at the highest level, and I don’t want anyone on our team to think they’re a backup player or whatever.

You can watch his full comments below.

Saban is already rolling ahead of Saturday.

Nothing gets the blood pumping like Nick Saban cutting it loose on the media or anyone else. The man has seven rings.

When he wants to rant, you stop what you’re doing and listen. Saban also has a famously short fuse when it comes to getting set off.

Just ask Lane Kiffin about it if you don’t believe me.

Now, it’s the end of August, Alabama plays its week one game Saturday, there are tons of questions about the team and instead of answering them, Saban decided calling out the media was the better way to go.

Nobody knows how to set a narrative like Nick Saban does. The man is a master when it comes to framing, playing the victim and going on the attack.

You’re just insane if you don’t respect his ability to flame people when it’s completely unnecessary.

Never change, Saban. Never change. This is the kind of content college football fans – whether they cheer for Alabama or not – crave.

P.S.: This is my favorite rant moment from 2021, and I plan on busting it out A LOT this season.

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