Nick Saban Wants You To Know Just How Good He Is At Cleaning The House

Nick Saban is a talented man. Not only is he great at leading college football teams to national titles, he’s apparently great with cleaning supplies, too.

During his appearance at SEC Media Days this week, a reporter asked the Alabama head coach a pretty broad, straightforward question. Saban’s answer was far from straightforward, and certainly one nobody was necessarily prepared for.

The 70-year-old was asked to share that if someone didn’t know anything about him, what would be the most important thing for them to know.


Apparently, the No. 1 thing strangers should know about Saban is that he’s an excellent cleaner.

“How well I can clean house,” Saban said.

“I’ve been cleaning house on vacation, I get a list every day. I try to play golf in the morning. Miss Terry gives me a list when I get back: Run the sweeper, take out the garbage, Pledge the refrigerator.

“Nobody knows how well I do all those things.”

It’s both cool and comforting to know that arguably the greatest college football coach to ever live gets a list of chores from their wife just like I do from my own.

Saban being a great cleaner shouldn’t come as too big a shock if you think about it. He seems to be a very structured guy that half-asses absolutely nothing. So, when it comes to cleaning, he takes that same mindset and absolutely dominates every nook and cranny.

Let this be a reminder to Pledge your refrigerator. Saban does it, so can we.

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Written by Mark Harris

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  1. so, you get a chance to ask one of the great coaches of all time a question, and THIS IS WHAT YOU COME UP WITH? If this reporter worked for me, it would have ended with this question.

    Good Grief, Millennials and Gen-Y.. you have got to get your head out of your ass and start PRODUCING something — ANYTHING.. at this rate, I’ll have to work until I’m 20-years DEAD to keep the world from imploding!

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