Nick Saban Chews Out Former Alabama Football Player On First Day Coaching Crimson Tide

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Nick Saban is the greatest college football coach of all-time. The 71-year-old has won the most national championships of anybody to grace the sport, 11 conference titles between the SEC and the MAC, and has won 210 more games than he has lost.

Saban’s excellence cannot be understated, but credit should also be given to his assistant coaches. Alabama, each and every year, assembles one of the top staffs in the nation. Those coaches often move on to other opportunities, by nature of the success in Tuscaloosa, but their roles with the program are crucial to the entire picture.

As someone who has coached since 1973, Saban carries with him some of that old-school mentality and does not hold back. He does not let his assistant coaches off easy because he expects perfection from them, as he does of himself and his team.

In turn, Saban is known for his ass chewings. The most famous, perhaps, came as Alabama was up 28 on Western Kentucky in 2016.

Saban went off on Lane Kiffin after a fumble.

Kiffin has since detailed the exchange and it doesn’t sound fun.

But he wasn’t and isn’t alone. Brian Daboll was ripped by Saban in 2018.

The list does not end there.

When Nick Saban is angry, he is angry.

Whether it be because of a player, coach, official or otherwise, Saban is known to explode.

Among those who have been on the wrong end of one of Saban’s tirades is Ha Ha Clinton-Dix— as both a player and now a coach. Clinton-Dix, who played for the Crimson Tide from 2011-2013, was a first round pick in 2014 and played eight years in the NFL before he retired in December.

Now, at 30 years old, Clinton-Dix has returned to Tuscaloosa as an assistant. He is serving as the director of player development and joined the team prior to the Sugar Bowl at the end of last year.

That’s where my life is headed is into coaching and helping these kids, making the right choices as they get ready for their career heading to the NFL, and other avenues they want to endure after football is over with.

— Ha Ha Clinton-Dix on his next chapter

Although Clinton-Dix has not been with the team long, he has already received one of Saban’s famous ass chewings. It just so happened to come on the first day of the new season.

Saban welcomed his former safety back to town in the only way he knew how. Clinton-Dix can go ahead and cross the Alabama coaching rite of passage off of his list!

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