Nick Bosa & Jenna Berman Relationship Sure Is Heating Up

Nick Bosa and NFL Girlfriend of the Year candidate Jenna Berman cranked things up a notch over on TikTok over the weekend when the Florida International physician assistant student worked over the 49ers defensive end with a lap dance. This was Bosa’s debut on an account that Jenna has built into a juggernaut by dancing around her South Florida apartment.

The lap dance video was followed by a video of Bosa using a muscle massager across his junk and inner thigh. I will spare you guys the sight of that video that caught me off guard. Anyway, let’s get back to the work that Jenna is putting into getting her hands on that NFL Girlfriend of the Year title. Think of some of the past winners: Claire Kittle, Camille Kostek and Olivia Culpo come to mind.

Jenna Berman is poised for one of those years where she’s in the tabloids at least a couple times a week over something. She’s about to have one of those Paige Spiranac years where every social media posting is turned into a content gold mine.

The only problem for these two is that he’ll be in the Bay Area, and she’ll be in South Florida by July. That means these two need to get the content cranking. I need a visit to that pig island in the Bahamas. I need these two frolicking in Tulum. I need Jenna on a wild trip to Vegas with her girlfriends just doing what Florida International college students do in Vegas. Maybe a trip to the Kentucky Derby.

Opportunities to build a brand don’t come around very often. It’s time for these two to cash in.


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Written by Joe Kinsey

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