Nice Work If You Can Get It: Man Accused Of Skipping Work For 15 Years

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We have all played hooky at one time or another. In my case, I was in elementary school. I did it a lot actually, but that’s a discussion for another day. Everyone deserves a day off once in awhile, I suppose.

But not showing up to work for a decade and a half while still receiving pay? That’s a bold move few would attempt, however, there’s a hospital employee in Italy who has been accused of doing just that.

According to BBC News, a man was hired at the Ciaccio hospital in Catanzaro, Puglia back in 2005. Apparently, the man then decided that should be the extent of his employment. For the next 15 years, this guy stayed home and watched the Price is Right (I mean, that’s what I did back in the day).

During that time, he was reportedly paid €538,000 (£464,000) in total. That’s approximately $648,236 ($559,073) in US dollars. It’s not an outstanding living (between $40,000-45,000 annually) but hey, the guy isn’t even working. Sounds like a pretty sweet gig to me.

Except he got caught, and now he’s being investigated for fraud, extortion and abuse of office. It was a hell of a 15-year run though.

Look, if you don’t see anything from me for awhile … just don’t tell Clay. No one likes a nark.

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