Sabres Backup Goalie Devon Levi Didn't Have A Black & Red Mask So He Used A Sharpie To Make One

The Buffalo Sabres are playing their penultimate game on Thursday night against the Ottawa Senators. It's the final home game of the season for the team who wraps up tomorrow night in Columbus. Backup goalie Devon Levi didn't have the proper mask, so he got to work.

Levi is a 21-year-old goaltender from Montreal. He played college hockey at Northeastern University near Boston. Their season ended on March 11th and Levi got the call to the big club for the home stretch of the NHL season.

The Sabres did not make the playoffs, so their season ends on Friday night. Perhaps because of that, Levi doesn't have a black-and-red goalie mask. The Sabres typically wear blue and yellow uniforms, but occasionally break out the retro uniforms.

That retro uni was on display Thursday in the team's final home game of the season. Veteran Craig Anderson got the start in net because it could be his final NHL game.

But as the backup, Levi still needs to be prepared to step into the game. If that happens, he's going to wearing a custom mask. A VERY custom mask.

Devon Levi creates very non-traditional mask for Buffalo Sabres final home game

Levi busted out the Sharpies and literally made his own mask for Thursday's game against the Senators. He drew the Sabres logo, his number (27) and what appears to be a pair of light sabres (get it?)

And, to be honest, the kid can DRAW.

Gotta be honest, I'm not sure I would have noticed had it not been brought to my attention. This is pretty good work out of the 21-year-old Levi.

If this whole hockey thing doesn't work out, perhaps he can try his hand at art.

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