NHL Proposing Changes To Draft Lottery

The NHL has proposed multiple changes to its draft lottery format and presented them to the league's 31 clubs in a memo on Monday, Sportsnet reports.

The changes include limiting teams to no more than two lottery wins in a five-year period, not allowing teams to jump 10 spots with a lottery win, and reducing the number of picks decided by the lottery from three to two.

The NHL's Board of Governors would need to approve any changes to the draft lottery format.

The only change likely to happen this year is the reduction in the number of picks decided by lottery from three to two, the article states. Previous lottery results would not count towards teams' totals.

Sportsnet reports the limit on no more than two lottery wins in a five-year period and teams being allowed to jump only 10 spots with a lottery win would not take effect until 2022, if approved.

The 2021 NHL Draft is tentatively scheduled for July 23-24. Sportsnet reports there have been some discussions about delaying it due to the pandemic, and a final decision could come out in the next few days.

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