NHL Parents Give Priceless Reaction As Both Of Their Sons Get Penalties For High-Sticking Against Each Other

The Joseph Brothers both got in trouble on Friday night with their parents in attendance. It led to one of the best moments of the hockey year thus far.

Senators winger Mathieu Joseph is two years older than his brother, Penguins defenseman Pierre-Olivier Joseph. They were drafted into the National Hockey League two years apart.

Despite three years of crossover on the professional level, they never got the chance to play against one another— until this week. Ottawa and Pittsburgh played back-to-back games, first in Canada and then in Pennsylvania.

The first half of the home-and-home was played on Wednesday. However, following the Senators' morning skate, Mathieu was ruled a healthy scratch. It was disappointing for everyone involved.

Fortunately, though, he was back in the lineup to square off against P.O. on Friday.

Although it was the Penguins who came out victorious by a score of 4-1, it was bigger than a win or loss for the Joseph brothers. It was a dream come true.

In addition to the pomp and circumstance surrounding the sibling rivalry, the meeting of brothers led to an incredibly funny moment during the third period. P.O. came up high with his stick and hit Mathieu in the face, who promptly returned the favor with with a shot of his own.

P.O. called it on Tuesday.

We always get penalties against each other. We love each other before the game, then hate each other after the game because we just compete against each other so hard.

Sure enough, both of the Joseph brothers were called for high-sticking.

P.O. and Mathieu were sent to the penalty box while Frantzi and France, their father and mother, couldn't help but laugh. What can ya do?!

France made it very clear to her sons before the game that they were not allowed to fight each other. Technically, they followed her rules— unlike Keith and Wayne Primeau back in 1997.

After the game, Mathieu addressed the penalty.

"I'm sure my parents had a good laugh about it, but I didn't think it was funny," he said.

He didn't think that the penalty should have been called on him, but only on his brother. Classic.