NHL Leans Into More Outdoor Games At NFL Stadiums; Devils-Rangers At MetLife Could Be Next

Make sure to bring your seat warmers and blankets because we may be getting some more outside hockey games.

According to ESPN's Kevin Weekes, there are reports that the National Hockey League is considering more venue options as well as additional cities to play their annual Winter Classic and Stadium Series games.


On Monday, Weekes tweeted that New Jersey's MetLife Stadium could be the location of a New Jersey Devils outdoor game next season. Other reports claim that the Devils would play their next door neighbor rivals in the New York Rangers, which would be a heated battle. MetLife Stadium, located in East Rutherford, N.J., is the home field of the New York Jets and New York Giants.

The NHL's pivot to hosting more outdoor games during the winter has been an enormous success.

This past weekend, over 56,000 fans piled into NC State's outdoor Carter-Finley Stadium to see the Carolina Hurricanes play the Washington Capitals. That is a massive turnout, in Carolina no less. The live crowd was electric.

Hell, it may even give Jets fans a reason to head to MetLife Stadium this season if for some reason they don't get Aaron Rodgers. It may also send a chilling message to Jets owners - more people showed up to see a damn hockey game than for a Jets game. Boom. Dagger.

Since 2014, there have been 13 different NHL Stadium Series games. These occur usually once a year in an outdoor stadium sometime in February or March. They differ from the NHL's "Winter Classic" which takes place on New Years Day and typically features one of the 'Original Six' teams of the NHL.

On New Year's Day, the Boston Bruins hosted the Pittsburgh Penguins outside at Fenway Park and it was nothing short of awesome.


When AT&T Stadium in Arlington hosted the Dallas Stars vs Nashville Predators game in 2020, over 85,000 people came out to see it.

The NHL (and subsequently the owners) see dollar signs in more outdoor NHL games, so I think they absolutely pursue this.

Imagine Lambeau Field hosting an outdoor game? It'd be wild.

The potential is there to really bring the NHL-NFL Stadium crossover to more fans.

However, I'd caution the league to make sure to not over do it. Interleague play was great in the MLB when it first started, now it's just a regular game and many fans have become bored with the concept.

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