Nasty Check From Blues' Sammy Blais Under Review By Player Safety Board

The NHL season is barely a day old, and already the Department of Player Safety has its hands full, thanks to Sammy Blais of the St. Louis Blues.

After all, it was Blais who has to face a hearing after an illegal check to the head of Colorado Avalanche defenseman Devon Toews on opening night.

Blais was given only a two-minute minor penalty for elbowing, while Toews was forced to leave the game. Toews proved to be OK. He returned and logged 22 minutes -- but Blais still has to answer for his actions.

The Blues ended up winning 4-1, but for Blais, the game could still be considered a loss. Every game this season is a divisional match, so opponents are bound to get familiar with one another. That means Blais and the Blues may now have to look out for those seeking retribution.

Also, in a 56-game season, a suspension could prove costly, should that be the direction the Department of Player Safety opts to go with Blais.

The Blues and Avalanche face off again Friday night.

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