Maple Leafs Fans Beat Up Each Other As Another Season Of Disappointment Comes To A Close

Toronto Maple Leafs fans went into full meltdown mode Saturday night as another season of disappointment -- Toronto hasn't sucked from the Stanley Cup since 1967 -- came to close. Fists were flying at Scotiabank Arena as Tampa Bay left town with a 2-1 victory in Game 7.

You combine Blue Lights and a Cup drought that is becoming insufferable to this proud franchise and you have the powderkeg that turned into a Chad vs. Brodie concourse five-round fight that left Brodie jersey-less and running for his life as Chad started throwing haymakers to let out all that frustration that has built up inside his body over his 23 or so years of life.

As a content guy, I want great success for the Maple Leafs. I want them in the Stanley Cup Finals -- only to lose -- and then make it back to the Stanley Cup Finals the next year and win it. I want that build-up only to lose feeling which then leads to an even more explosive Cup run the following season. That gives me two straight years of content followed by the post-win season where Leafs fans run their mouths in cities all across North America.

I'm just sick in the brain like that.

But it wasn't meant to be -- again.

Instead, the season ends with a battle for the ages from a couple of old hockey scrappers who wanted a piece of each other.

Chad's clearly a first line guy who sniffed Juniors while Brodie is a former SPHL fourth-line guy grinding away for $250 a week who worked bar front doors during the offseason where he saw all sorts of action after customers got tuned up on Fireball.

What a battle. It's a shame we're not going to get more of this. Oh well, it's time for these guys to head on over to Skydome to watch Bluejays games.

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