Hockey Player's Girlfriend Rushes Him To A Staples To Sign NHL Contract So The Team Couldn't Change Its Mind

Defenseman Jeremy Davies already did the hard part to earn his way into the NHL - you know, playing at an extremely high level to get there - but signing his newest contract may have been the biggest challenge of his young career.

Thankfully, Davies has a girlfriend there to help.

After spending the majority of last season in the AHL with the Milwaukee Admirals, the 25-year-old defenseman was offered a one-year, two-way deal from the Buffalo Sabres. That's great news for Davies, but there was a problem, he doesn't own a printer.

In steps his girlfriend Erin, a fitness enthusiast, to save the day. She chronicled the entire situation on TikTok as the couple quickly made their way to a local Staples to print and sign the new contract.

"Me any my bf frantically running to Staples to sing his NHL contract before they change their minds because we can't afford a printer," the caption read.

The contract Davies signed is worth $750,000, so I think the couple can now afford a printer.

It's interesting to think about how many professional athletes have done this exact same thing over the years. I may be the only millennial that owns, and knows how to work, a printer. There is no telling how many people have signed sizable contracts like this in random printer stores around the country.

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