Gloves Drop, Haymakers Fly As NHL Tilt Between Two Heavyweights Ends In Knockout

Avalanche defenseman Kurtis MacDermid entered protocol on late Saturday night after losing a heavyweight NHL tilt to Milan Lucic. The Flames winger put him out.

MacDermid, 28, stands 6-foot-5, 233 pounds. He rarely, if ever, ends up on the losing end of fights.

Lucic, 34, stands 6-foot-3, 240 pounds. He scraps quite a bit for someone at his position and typically comes out victorious as well. At the very least, the Vancouver-native always holds his own.

Neither MacDermid nor Lucic are strangers.

In fact, they went at it in Colorado last year. It ended in a draw, but both MacDermid and Lucic landed some solid shots on the other.

Saturday was not quite the same. Lucic was a definitive winner.

With just under four minutes left in the second period of the game between Colorado and Calgary, the two got tied up behind the net. The officials came in to get things separated, but let the two heavyweights have their moment.

Lucic and MacDermid dropped their gloves and it was on.

They skated over near center ice and had at it.

Both guys locked up at first and felt each other out. A few jabs were exchanged, but nothing significant.

And then, after moment, out came the haymakers.

NHL heavyweights Kurtis MacDermid and Milan Lucic started THROWING.

The former came with some heavy rights as the latter blocked with his left. Halfway through, the script was flipped.

Lucic came back with some heavy rights and ultimately connected with MacDermid on a counter that sent him to the ice. It was over.

Although MacDermid tried to get back up after the KO, the officials came in and declared it over.

With the win, Lucic is now the (unofficially official) heavyweight champion of the NHL. It is a well-deserved title that will surely be challenged before the season is over.

Unfortunately, though, Colorado and Calgary will not meet again this year unless they face each other in the playoffs. A rematch between Lucic and MacDermid will have to wait!