Ex-NHLer Bobby Ryan, Who's Name Isn't Actually Bobby Ryan, Thanks Fans After Public Intoxication Arrest

Former NHL forward Bobby Ryan was arrested at Nashville Airport on Monday on charges of public intoxication. On Wednesday, the 35-year-old jumped on Twitter to thank his fans for showing support while stating he'll be "choosing better" moving forward.

According to court documents, Ryan was seen on camera inside the airport shoplifting. He later put the stolen items on a counter and entered a bar, which is where officers approached him claiming he was intoxicated.

Ryan was booked on public intoxication charges with the police report stating he "was unaware of his location, the day or time and posed a danger to himself." The case was dismissed not long after.



The New Jersey native had to step away from the sport in 2019 due to substance abuse issues. He made a return later that season, and in his first game back with the Ottawa Senators, he scored a hat trick.

Ryan has had a very unique life up to this point, going back to his childhood.

Interestingly enough, Bobby Ryan's name isn't actually Bobby (or Robert) Ryan.

When Ryan was 10 years old, his father was arrested for assaulting his mother. Ryan's father, Bob Stevenson, took on an alias, Shane Ryan, which was his mom's maiden name.

Bobby and his mom later rejoined his dad and his parents told him that his name moving forward would be Bobby Ryan. It stuck, and the Olympic silver medalist has gone by Bobby Ryan ever since.

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