Conor McGregor Looked Ready To Fight As NHL's Most-Hated Player Nearly Came To Blows At Madison Square Garden

Conor McGregor loved everything about his trip to Madison Square Garden on Tuesday night, but one particular moment got him especially riled up. He looked ready to hop on the ice and throw hands!

McGregor, the most notorious fighter in UFC history, stopped by 'the Mecca' to catch the Rangers' home game against the Capitals. Had there not been glass between him and the players, he might have joined in on a scuffle!

With 2.6 seconds left in the second period, New York forward Tyler Motte and Washington winger Tom Wilson nearly came to blows. Wilson, one of, if not the most hated player in the NHL, is known to be an instigator. He is always starting something, especially with the Rangers. They have beef.

Before the two sides were separated, a loud cheer broke out inside The Garden.

Up on the big screen, the camera cut to Conor McGregor.

The 34-year-old MMA legend was loving what he saw out of Wilson and Motte. He had a big ole smile on his face and messed with his tie. It was as if he was preparing to join in.

McGregor, as could be expected, was treated to a VIP experience in which he was gifted a custom jersey and chopped it up with Henrik Lundqvist.

After the game, and the second period scuffle, McGregor spoke with the victors in the locker room.

McGregor's future remains up in the air. If he is done fighting, and the Rangers needs an enforcer, the organization might want to look toward the UFC great!