Canucks' Anthem Singer Fired For Pushing Back at COVID Rules

Mark Donnelly, Vancouver Canucks' popular "O Canada" singer, was fired for standing up against the COVID-19 restrictions, says TSN.

Donnelly's performance at Saturday's Christmas Freedom Rally in Vancouver, where hundreds of attendees protested restrictions imposed by B.C.'s provincial health officer, preceded a classy firing from the Canucks' owner's Twitter account:

Donnelly, who has been publicly associated with the Canucks since 2001, said he hasn't spoken to Aquilini but would've preferred a phone call over the hashtag. Seems reasonable, no?

Donnelly told the crowd, many of whom weren't wearing masks, he questioned the "draconian lockdown protocols." Thus, he wanted to join and sing the anthem at the event.

"What was originally sold as 15-day hunkering down sprint for the common good has turned into a 10-month marathon from hell, where the finish line is constantly being moved further into the distance," Donnelly goes on.

Adding, "as someone known for singing our great national anthem, I'm standing up against what I feel is tyranny, plain and simple," which led to cheers from the crowd.

Anyway, a challenge has been issued to the wokest owners in sports. Who could top that? We are looking at you, Mark Cuban.

At least it was not "The Star-Spangled Banner." Supporting that could get you fired online, too.

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