Canadian Police Raid Outdoor Hockey Game For Violating COVID Rules

The Calgary hockey community is fuming over an arrest that went down over the weekend at an outdoor rink where a cop told a hockey player to "Get on the ground! Get on the f--king ground! Get on the ground before I f--king taser you!"

Calgary police say they didn't arrest 21-year-old hockey player Ocean Wiesblatt for the act of playing hockey. They arrested him because he resisted arrest and violated COVID restrictions. According to the police, the game in question had 40 people milling around, and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says you can have just 10 participants and no fans at these events.

"The mask on your face that is enforced by government should be your choice to wear or not to wear not anyone else’s choice because it’s your life, body and health," Wiesblatt wrote on Facebook. "If you’re scared to get sick protect yourself. I will keep pushing till this problem is solved. Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much."

Calgary legend Theo Fleury has come to the defense of the hockey guys.

"This is not a good look for @CalgaryPolice but thank you for waking people up to what’s actually going on," Fleury wrote. "This is no longer about a virus and this is a perfect example of why it isn’t. So again thank you for that."

The Calgary police issued a statement Saturday stating that Ocean and his friends violated open-air regulations and that they hated for it to come to that.

"No one in our service enjoys asking Calgarians to stop doing normal activities and we completely understand the frustrations these restrictions cause as our families are grappling with them too," the department said in its release. "However, our job is to enforce the laws that our elected governments put in place and our members do their best to gain voluntary compliance."

Canada recorded COVID 114 deaths on Sunday.

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