Zach Wilson's Mom Goes Off On Disney 'Maskholes' & Has The Wokes Triggered

It was just 12 days ago when I told OutKick readers that Zach Wilson's mom, Lisa, was going to be a New York tabloid sensation, and here we are less than two weeks later with content gold. Lisa, who clearly doesn't deny she's an extrovert who speaks her mind and turns it into content, went off Tuesday on Disney "maskholes" who were "always up in our business" during a family trip to the park.

This has caught the attention of the wokes, who are just getting their first taste of Lisa and how she handles herself on social media. Say hello to the next great battle that's about to erupt. The wokes have done their research and have determined that Lisa "follows Marjorie Taylor Greene" and that she promoted hydroxychloroquine on YouTube.

BOOM, instant war from the wokes.

After keeping an eye on Lisa's Instagram Story output after the draft, it was clear that it was just a matter of time before she found enemies. And now those on the left have their receipts.

"I want to make it clear that I did wear my mask PROPERLY all day! I didn't get reprimanded even once! I am very respectful," Lisa wrote Tuesday night. "But it is miserable being at the 'Happiest place on Earth' with police walking around yelling at people for taking a drink of water. It's outside, it's hot and a lady in front of us passed out in line."

Those of you who've been following Lisa since the Draft know that she's all gas, no brake. Buckle up, this is going to get real good over the next several months.


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