Zach Wilson's Girlfriend, Abbey Gile, Is Fired Up Over QB's Huge 1st Win, Rookie Honors

What a week it's been for New York Jets rookie quarterback Zach Wilson who experienced his first NFL victory -- a 27-24 win over the Titans in overtime -- and then won NFL Rookie of the Week honors. The accolades keep coming in and girlfriend Abbey Gile has spent the week firing off messages celebrating Wilson getting into the victory column in Week 4.

“So proud & so blessed," Gile wrote this week on social media. “Got the W. Always proud of him,” she added.

Damn right she is.

After three weeks of Wilson being abused by fans who are tired of losing and struggling to find any success, here's Gile and Wilson not only getting a win over a playoff team in the Titans, but also locking down rookie honors.

While excited to win the NFL honor, Wilson understands this is about more than just his performance.

"I think the cool thing about those individual awards is they're very team-based," he said. "I think the guys know that, and they understand that. That award is kind of just an award that shows how well we did as a team overall that past week," Wilson said.

"A lot of those plays that we had made wasn't just because of me. It was a lot of those guys giving me that time and our receivers making some great catches, too, so I think everyone understands that football is just a team sport. So, when an award like that comes around, guys are always super happy, and they can feel the love all the way around and they want to keep building on it and getting better."

And it helps to have a supportive girlfriend at home rooting you on and fired up for your success. It's just one win, but it's good to be Zach Wilson right now.

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