Zach Wilson Looks Like Nathan Peterman Today

Jets first round pick Zach Wilson wasn't expected to carry the Jets to a Super Bowl in his rookie season, but he was expected to be an upgrade over Sam Darnold. Wilson looks like Nathan Peterman out there this afternoon with four picks already.

Maybe the Jets can throw together Wilson and a first for Sam Darnold? (I'm kidding).

Here's the thing about the Jets: This franchise IS the problem. It doesn't actually matter who plays quarterback in white and green because they'll transform any talent into a fresh turd. Joining the Jets organization post Mark Sanchez butt-fumble is like a death sentence, which brings up the question of why Russell Wilson and DeShaun Watson o.k.'d trades to New York. They would've improved the team, sure, however no one talent can save this organization from itself.

And to be fair to Zach Wilson, all of those picks weren't his fault. You can probably imagine how Jets receivers would let a young quarterback down with tipped interceptions all for Wilson to take the blame when the final buzzer sounds. Unfortunately, that's what's happening today. Here's some evidence of that:

Wilson currently has just six completions and 67 yards. Not much to love if you're a Jets fan.

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