Zach Wilson & Girlfriend Abbey Gile Seem To Be Adjusting To The Big City

After a wild month of May where Zach Wilson's mom made headlines with the coronabros who went after her for her attack on Disney "maskholes" and for her takes on parenting, things have settled down for the Jets' new quarterback. The calendar has turned the page, and now Wilson is doing what any other 21-year-old multi-millionaire would be doing in New York this week.

Wilson fired up the ticket hotline and took his girlfriend Abbey Gile to Wednesday night's Hawks-Knicks playoff game and enjoyed the action from the private box level. Imagine Zach Wilson's life a year ago. He was a nobody who was coming off a 2019 season in which he had 11 TD passes and nine interceptions and was not on the radar of any draft experts. He completed just 62% of his passes that season, which was down over 3% from his freshman season.

Flash-forward to Wednesday night. Wilson is now sitting on a contract that will pay him $35.2 million over four years and comes with a $22.9 million signing bonus. And he gets great seats to take his girlfriend to go see the Knicks.

Let me be the first one to say it -- these two will own NYC if Wilson can put together any type of success in that city. Look at that hair. The complexion. The teeth. It's like the marketing gods dialed up Wilson & Abbey for the New York advertising agencies.

“Zach has worked so hard to be here and he made his dream reality. Nobody loves the game like this boy and he’s going to give everything he can to New York. I guess all the date nights watching film were for something😉 I love this boy!” Gile wrote on social media back in May.

One division title. That's all it's going to take for these two to go on a 10-year content run. I know stardom when I see the field.

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