Young Carson Wentz Superfan Bids Farewell To QB In Emotional Video

As fans, we tend to forget the impact on players and their families whenever a player is traded to another team or takes a deal as a free agent.

Not only is it impactful on players and families, but also on young fans who look up to these players, idolizing them as their heroes.

Such was the case Thursday when the Philadelphia Eagles dealt quarterback Carson Wentz to the Indianapolis Colts for a couple of draft picks.

A lot of Eagles fans were not all that impacted by the trade, wanting the Eagles to move on from Wentz and give the quarterback job to second-year quarterback Jalen Hurts, who started the final four games last season.

One young fan, though, who took the trade very hard was 13-year-old Giovanni Hamilton, who shared a special moment with Wentz at training camp in 2019.

It was that day that Hamilton, who has a rare genetic disorder, got to meet his hero in a video that went viral on the internet.

Thursday the news of Wentz being moved to the Colts hit Hamilton very hard, and he made a video in which he said, "You're still my hero, you always will be."

"That moment is what matters," he added as he pointed to a photo of the training camp meet up back in 2019.

Hamilton addressed the Colts, throwing out that Wentz is going to "go off next season" playing in Indianapolis.

“He’s going to do you some good, I know what he’s capable of. I know what he’s capable of with Frank Reich, and you guys are going to go off next season,” Giovanni said.

Hamilton's video is getting plenty of play today on Twitter, and now you can do your best to try and watch it and not tear up at the same time.

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