Willis calls Tannehill 'A Good Dude' Even after Mentorship Rejection

On his first day of rookie camp, Malik Willis of the Tennessee Titans called veteran QB Ryan Tannehill "a good dude" and said he had been to Tannehill's house already where they "chopped it up." Remember, Ryan Tannehill said last week that it was not his job to be a mentor to the first-year quarterback out of Liberty.

It is a very good sign for the Titans that Malik didn't take what Tannehill said horribly and has already been over to his house. It seems like the Tannehill comments last week might have been nothing more than Twitter fodder, and the two quarterbacks are good with each other at this point.

Other than a few botched snaps in practice today, there does not seem to be all that much for Mike Vrabel to worry about here.