What's Glove Got To Do With It? Antonio Brown's Glove Hits Auction Block

Should you truly have love for the glove, a forgettable piece of sports memorabilia has hit the auction block and awaits your bid -- Antonio Brown's receiving glove. Time for the useless junk collectors to assemble, cash in that cryptocurrency and bust open the piggy bank.

Brown's glove, one of the last remaining articles of clothing the receiver had on before he stripped down and left MetLife Stadium mid-game, is available at Lelands Sports Memorabilia and Card Auctions.

The white Nike glove is listed on Lelands' site as "Antonio Brown Meltdown Game Used Glove." Simple, yet accurate. Starting bid: $81 -- which matches the number Brown wore throughout his turbulent two-year stint with Tampa Bay.


The auction site describes Brown's mitt as: "The glove is white, with a black Nike Sploosh on the back. Inside, at the wrist, the glove also has an NFL logo and an 'Apollo Nia' tag. The outside of the glove has a Raiders' logo, from when Brown played for the Raiders, that has been blackened out. On the outside back of the wrist band is imprinted 'Superbad.' The glove is a tangible memento from an iconic NFL moment."

Lelands listed the glove on Sunday evening, and it currently has a high bid of $310. The glove will be up for bid until 10 pm on February 12th.

If the glove don't fit, you must not bid.


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