What Happens To Jalen Hurts After Recent Eagles Coaching Hire?

The Philadelphia Eagles have hired former Colts OC Nick Sirianni to be their next head coach, but the hiring has in some ways brought more questions than answers.

Does this hiring mean Philly's front office believes Carson Wentz can be fixed? If so, then what happens to Jalen Hurts? It's a train wreck in Philadelphia, so let's discuss.

CBS' Pete Prisco spoke briefly on air about the hiring of Nick Sirianni, and it helps us understand the Philly quarterback situation:

Prisco essentially said that Sirianni is a "great offensive mind," which could indicate they want to continue working with Carson Wentz. The former Eagles starter signed a four-year, $128 million extension in 2019, so "fixing him" should be the plan. If the Eagles don't believe that their latest hire can unleash vintage Wentz, then the trade block should have Carson's name all over it.

Should the Eagles let Wentz play periodically until he finally figures it out? Well, they'd probably like that, but a horrendously undeserved contract extension makes that plan impossible.

So that leads us to Jalen Hurts

Hurts was clearly the better quarterback in 2020. Philly's offensive line is older than Betty White and honestly couldn't stay on the field to help the pocket quarterback that Carson Wentz now is. He had that physical ability in his bag a couple years ago, but injuries have pulled back his knack for evading a pass rush.

They throw Jalen Hurts in the game, and suddenly that O-line doesn't look as bad. That receiving corps that couldn't catch COVID if it fell in their breadbasket could get open in the blink of an eye. It was strange to watch how much better the Eagles looked with Carson Wentz on the sidelines.

So now, chances are that Carson Wentz is going to be named the Eagles' starting quarterback, and Operation Save This Poor Contract Investment will be full steam ahead.

Super back-up

Jalen Hurts is unfortunately headed towards a demotion that had nothing to do with his play. Carson Wentz is being handled like a unionized employee who's overstayed his welcome.

Does this lead to a trade demand from the Hurts camp? We'll have to wait and see how "creative" coach Nick Sirianni really is.