WFT Signs Chilean Who's Being Called The Most Athletic TE To Ever Enter The NFL

There are NFL workout wonders at the Combine and then there's former Chilean basketball player Sammis Reyes who has signed with the Washington Football Team as a tight end. Reyes, who spent time as a basketball player at Tulane, took part in an International Player Pathway Program from the NFL. It was a 10-week training program at IMG that culminated in working out for scouts.

That's when, according to scouts who compiled a Relative Athletic Score, Reyes put up numbers that made him "the most-athletic size-adjusted TE to ever enter the NFL," according to Thor Nystrom via research by Kent Lee Platte, who created the RAS system.

Since he was coming through an international player program, Reyes wasn't forced to enter the 2021 NFL Draft. Washington got its hands on a 6'7, 240-pound shredded monster who played high school football in Florida before giving up the sport to concentrate on basketball.

"I wanted to go to the NBA; that was my dream my entire childhood, and of course it never happened," Reyes said during an interview with the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. "So when I was 23, my current agent, my family and my close friends, they were like, ... 'You've got to give this football thing a shot. You're fast, you're strong, you're powerful.' So my friends, my best friends, and everybody around me convinced me to give it a shot."

Reyes ran a 4.65 40 time for scouts and had a 40" vertical. Take a look at Sammis's Instagram content and jump to conclusions. Bust or Pro Football Hall of Famer? Mike Mamula or Antonio Gates?

No pressure here, Sammis.

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