We Think He Is Joking, But We Kinda Want Pat McAfee's OT Rule

Imagine betting the OVER 46.5 in today's Bengals-Eagles game and Doug Pederson's playing for a 59-yard field goal attempt that's ruined by a false start penalty resulting in a punt and then Bengals head coach Zac Taylor deciding to run out the clock and accept the 23-23 tie.

Wouldn't it be great if there was a solution to this? What if the NFL gave Pat McAfee's idea a shot? Send the kickers out there to have a kick-off. That's right, a kicker duel.

Here's what we're thinking:

Start with a 25-yard field goal and go back 10 yards until someone misses. Very simple. Imagine the drama with that kind of ending vs. watching Eagles players grimace on the bench knowing they're about to be destroyed by the media and fans who are furious with Carson Wentz and this 0-2-1 team that was supposed to win the division.

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