We May Have Seen The Last Of WR Emmanuel Sanders In The NFL

NFL wideout Emmanuel Sanders has turned the page on his career numerous times: having played for five teams in a decade of professional football.

However, it appears he's reached the end of the story as the 34-year-old hinted on Colin Cowherd's "The Herd" that his time to call it quits may finally be here.

Sanders spoke with Cowherd on his pending decision — following a postseason loss to the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC Divisional Round.

"I've got my son, he's getting older," Sanders told Colin. "I've got a daughter getting older. And for the past three years, been traveling and moving from team to team, trying to win a Super Bowl."

Sanders added, "but I've got some reflecting I want to want to do and possibly retire. I don't know yet. I'm just feeling it out."

Playing in 2021 for the Buffalo Bills, Sanders appeared in 14 games — accruing 42 passes for 626 yards and four touchdowns.

Sanders admitted that the loss at Arrowhead was so demoralizing that he couldn't picture an immediate return to football.

"... After the versus the Chiefs, you know, Josh Allen was like, `hey, let's run it back.' And I was like, `man, give me some time to reflect and see how I feel."

Sanders first found his stride as a Pittsburgh Steeler, the team that drafted him in the third round (82nd overall) in 2010.

Fitting into the Steelers offense as former lead wideout Mike Wallace departed for Miami and a relatively fresh face in Antonio Brown first began to emerge, Sanders quickly became one of the NFL's best complementary receivers.

Quarterbacks and offensive coordinators enjoyed Sanders' ability to exploit zone coverages, while fans certainly appreciated the resilient attitude and leadership that the 12-year vet offered.

While not a splashy player, Sanders still found a way to be effective.

He ranks 10th all-time in receiving yards (5,361) in Broncos team history.

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