Washington RB Calls Heinicke 'Baby Russell Wilson'

It's taken all of three games for Washington Football Team quarterback Taylor Heinicke to be mentioned in the same breath as one of the league's top signal callers. Days after Heinicke engineered a come-from-behind win over Atlanta, a teammate referred to the even keeled QB as "Baby Russell Wilson."

That's high praise for a guy with just 12 career starts.

During a Q&A with fans via Bleacher Report, Washington running back J.D. McKissic was asked: "When did you know Taylor Heinicke was a dog?"

Thankfully not taking the question literally, McKissic barked back: "You're talking about Baby Russell Wilson? When he first got to the team, you could just see his confidence."

Wilson, of course, has more hardware than a Home Depot. The 32-year-old veteran has a Super Bowl ring, an All-Pro nod, countless Pro Bowls and nearly 35,000 passing yards.

Yet McKissic felt the same vibes from Heinicke the moment he met him.

"You could feel his key, his energy. I came up to him and introduced myself," McKissic added. "I think Coach Turner told me he had a 700-800 (yard) passing game. I was like, 'Ok.' It was his time to play. He came into the game and was just so relaxed. You could tell he'd been there before. He's just a baller. That's how he reminds of Russell Wilson so much. He'd do anything, he'd do anything to win the game, regardless of what the score is."