Vikings WR Adam Thielen Doesn’t Want OT Changed: ‘Get A Stop On Defense'

Potential rule changes are all the rage this NFL offseason -- hell, every NFL offseason. And this year, the possible change getting the most hype involves the overtime rules. Many people would like to see both teams possess the ball in overtime.

Vikings wide receiver Adam Thielen, however, is not one of them. Thielen believes that if you want the ball, go get it.

“If you just get a stop on defense, both teams get a possession," Thielen said via tweet.

Minnesota's 31-year-old receiver made the comment in response to the Indianapolis Colts' proposal to the league that would guarantee each team a possession in the overtime period.

For those living under a rock, in south beach or LA, or just too drunk by the time overtime kicks off, the current rules call for the game to end if the team which possesses the ball first in overtime scores a touchdown. In other words, unless the defense prevents an opening drive touchdown, their offense is not seeing the ball and they're going home with an L.

Thielen would prefer to take care of business, whether offensively or defensively, and let the team who does their job best walk away the winner.

“Go down and score a touchdown on first possession of overtime and you deserve to win," said Thielen.

The Buffalo Bills likely don't agree...


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