Vikings & Panthers Fans Battle It Out For NFL Fan Fight Of The Year Honors

Vikings and Panthers fans are officially in the running for NFL Fan Fight of the Year after a belligerent scene Sunday in Charlotte where fists were flying and some Vikings fan took a vicious knockout blow like a champ.

As you can see in the video, Vikings fan was ramming his forearm into a woman and ended up on his back after taking what seemed to be a brutal shot. Oh, but there's more. We also had two females squaring off in the octagon and had a Vikings lady crashing to the floor.

Off-duty K-9 police officer Denzel Goins, who helped stop the fight, fills in the details as to what transpired.

You'll see Goins at the beginning of the video taking down a fan to the ground. He explains that the fan "sucker-punched a woman and was taken down."

Goins, who says he was at the game enjoying a day with his family, spent part of Sunday explaining the situation, including why he went after that specific man during the melee. "I did what I thought was best which was go after the man that assaulted the woman," he wrote on Twitter.

"He is and was ok. He kept getting up attacking. For some reason the video portrayed as if he stayed on the ground. He actually was taken down multiple times. Idk why be he was mad at an elderly woman."

As for the guy in purple trying to fight everyone, Goins fills in some of the blanks there as well.

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