Vikings' Everson Griffen Says He Has A Bipolar Disorder

Vikings defensive end Everson Griffen came out and announced on Friday that he has a bipolar disorder.

Griffen, 33, took to Instagram to make the announcement.

“It’s true I am bipolar,” Griffen wrote. “I will embrace it and I will be an advocate for mental health. I been running from it a long time. I’m not ashamed of it anymore.”

On Nov. 24, Griffen posted troubling videos on Instagram of him with a gun in his hand, claiming there was an intruder in his house. Per the police report obtained by ESPN, Griffen made a call to the Minnetrista Public Safety Department and said he had fired his weapon but nobody was injured.

When Police arrived, Griffen reportedly refused to come out of his house and police were unable to identify an intruder. The troubling scene ended without incident. In the aftermath, the Vikings released a statement, pledging to support Griffen.

“We are thankful to the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office, the Carver County Sheriff’s Office, the Minnetrista Police Department and the Orono Police Department for their quick response and dedication to ensuring the situation ended peacefully,” the statement reads. “Our focus remains on Everson’s health and safety and providing the proper resources for him and his family.”

Griffen said the passing of his mother in 2012 had a huge effect on him and took him to a dark place. His first mental health scare came in 2018, when he jumped out of an ambulance that was taking him to the hospital for a mental health evaluation, according to the New York Post.

“It all started when my mother passed away,” Griffen wrote. “Went into a dark place, thought I was great for many years. I promise this time I will do everything the experts say. I love my family and I miss my friends. Thank you for all the love and support, but most of all thank you for all the prayers. #bEGreat #mentalhealthawareness”

In just nine games this season, Griffen has racked up five sacks and one forced fumble. Griffen last played in the Vikings' 34-31 victory over the Packers on Nov. 21.

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