Video: Jon Gruden Does Not Regret Bad Decision on Raiders Final Drive

As we covered earlier, the final quarter of Raiders-Dolphins was DRUNK as FitzMagic won the night. The Dolphins were in a position where a field goal would win the game because Jon Gruden and the Raiders decided to kneel the ball to bring the clock down to 23 seconds left when they took a field goal attempt, as opposed to trying to score a touchdown where they would've been up by 5 -- and by 7 if they converted a two-point conversion.

After the game, Gruden repeatedly defended this decision on offense:

Gruden's rationale was that the roughing the passer penalty, which gave the Dolphins 15 more yards after Fitzpatrick had hit Mack Hollins for 41 yards, was inexcusable. He kept defending the clock situation on offense.

I don't think there are too many people who are going to be convinced by Gruden's argument here, but he sure doesn't seem torn up over his decision-making.

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