VIDEO: Adam Gase Enraged Postgame, Walks out on Reporter

Adam Gase's Jets got crushed badly again. Due to injuries, the 49ers' backups dismantled the Jets starters, 31-13.

Following the game, Gase went to the presser in a mood. A reporter strangely asked if he is "angry" or "embarrassed." Neither, Gase chose "pissed," which wasn't an option.

“I’m pissed. I’m pissed right now," the losing coach explained. "I mean, that shit no fun going out there and getting your ass beat. So, we need to get better fast."

"No fun" is right.

If it weren't for Matt Patricia and his pathetic coaching — Gase would be the worst coach in the NFL. (Dan Quinn factors in there, somewhere.)

Gase then walked out on a reporter.

The New York Jets' next loss is scheduled for September 27 to the Colts.

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