Urban Meyer Points Out One Flaw In Tim Tebow's Game

Urban Meyer knows Tim Tebow, the quarterback. To some degree, Meyer even knows Tim Tebow, the baseball player. But Tim Tebow, the tight end? That's still relatively new, but the Jaguars head coach is quickly learning about that version of Tebow as well.

Considering the former first-round quarterback is about to be a first-year tight end at 34 years old, there's a lot to learn here. So far, Meyer has been impressed with what he sees, but Tebow isn't without flaws.

In fact, Meyer recently pointed out one major flaw he's seen in Tebow's game: he's not a natural pass-catcher in live game situations.

“He has good hands. In his drill work, he’s great, but when you get in a competitive moment, just lack of experience, he wants to body the ball,” Meyer told reporters at Jaguars camp Saturday, via CBS Sports. “When you get to a point where two people are going after it, you have to go get the ball. He is fighting through that a little bit, but he has the skill set to catch the ball.”

That last part is important.

When two players fight to come down with the football, you can't take a "let it come to me" mentality. You have to go get it, fight for it at the catch point. That's something Tebow is still working on, but it's an important part of playing his new position effectively.

Will this destroy any chance Tebow has of making the final 53-man roster? Not necessarily, but he needs to show improvement in that over the course of camp. Tebow should know that a quarterback doesn't want to throw a football to someone who is timid about fighting for it.

Body catches aren't a thing at this level, but like with most other things, Tebow will likely figure it out. He already has the hands. He just doesn't have the experience yet.

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