UPDATE: Panthers Sign Cam Newton

UPDATE: The Panthers are signing Cam Newton, according to NFL Network:

It seemed like Cam Newton would have to sit out the entire 2021 NFL season with hopes to return next year, but now, there's momentum for Newton to return where it all began: with the Carolina Panthers.

According to multiple reports, Cam Newton is meeting today with the Carolina Panthers. And per The Athletic, the Panthers hope to get a deal done:


This week, Carolina coach Matt Rhule said that the team expects starting QB Sam Darnold to miss at least four weeks following his shoulder injury. The Panthers plan to start P.J. Walker in Darnold's place.

The Panthers are currently 4-5, with a shot at one of the three NFC Wild Cards. However, Carolina's lackluster offense has held back its playoff defense this year.

Could Cam Newton be the answer? Doubtful, but he's worth a shot.

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