Two Word Game: Week 15

Here are two more words: FGs matter. That's for you, Brandon Staley; you, John Harbaugh; and, you, analytics guys.

Here’s Week 15’s edition of the Two-Word Game:

Kansas City 34, Los Angeles Chargers 28 (OT)

F analytics.

Indianapolis 27, New England 17

Taylor-made victory.

Buffalo 31, Carolina 14

Red-hot Bills.

Detroit 30, Arizona 12.

Hell's re-frozen.

Miami 31, New York Jets 24

Too-ua much.

Dallas 21, New York Giants 6

Defense-first Cowboys. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Pittsburgh 19, Tennessee 13

The Tackle.

Houston 30, Jacksonville 16

First-pick Jags.

San Francisco 31, Atlanta 13

2019-looking 49ers.

Cincinnati 15, Denver 10

Lotta orange.

Green Bay 31, Baltimore, 30

A rollout?

New Orleans 6, Tampa Bay

Brady's kryptonite.

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