Two Word Game: NFL Week 12

Explaining a football game takes a word more than the number of NFL teams in the discussion for the best: two.

Chicago 16, Detroit 14

Stale entrées.

Las Vegas 36, Dallas 33

Juicy leftovers (overtime)

Buffalo 31, New Orleans 6

Feast-size stampede.

Cincinnati 41, Pittsburgh 10

Curtain closing.

Tampa Bay 38, Indianapolis 31

Run it (damn it).

Miami 33, Carolina 10

Super benched.

New England 36, Tennessee 13

Bourne Ultimatum.

New York Giants 13, Philadelphia 7

That Hurts.

Atlanta 21, Jacksonville 14

Nobody cares.

New York Jets 21, Houston 14

Mock-draft update.

Denver 28, LA Chargers 13

Division confusion.

Green Bay, LA Rams

Toe powers.

San Francisco 34, Minnesota 26

Beware: Niners.

Baltimore 16, Cleveland 10

Next-day turnover.

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