Twitter's Bozo of The Day: Sal Maiorana Tries To Pick On Cole Beasley For Signing Autographs Unmasked

Welcome to my first edition of Twitter's Bozo of the Day, and I thought today would be the perfect day to kick this off after reading a tweet from Buffalo Bills reporter, Sal Maiorana.

His panties are in a bunch because Cole Beasley, who was sent home with a five-day quarantine after standing near a vaccinated trainer who had tested positive for COVID, is unmasked and signing autographs for children outside the stadium. Mental illness is on overflow these days when it comes to sports coverage.

These people never quit.

How DARE Beasley stand outside and sign autographs to help create lifelong Bills fans who'll be there long after his retirement. At this point, we have to start asking ourselves how people like Sal Maiorana exist on any level. If you actually pay attention, mind-numbingly fearful takes regarding the virus are being promoted by the league. NFL owners and coaches are not only unafraid to admit players are being cut due to their vaccination status -- they're excited to tell us.

Picking on unvaccinated players or coaches, like we're seeing from this schmohawk today, is the perfect way to show you're a good boy. To those of us who were hugged as children and who don't need approval from people we'll never meet on Twitter, we understand that this phenomenon is lunacy.

When anyone does something different with their body, like get vaccinated, we don't care. You know why? Because judging the personal medical information of others has never been any of our business. It's too bad Cole Beasley has to move forward in this sport with majority of his coverage hating him over his personal choice to remain unvaccinated. Sal Maiorana's bio does say he's "generally grumpy, but not always" though.

Hopefully one day, it reads "former NFL writer."