Trouble In Arizona? Kyler Murray Sends A Clear Signal Something Is Going On

Is Kyler Murray thinking about entering the NFL's transfer portal? Cardinals fans are wondering what's going on with Murray after the team's quarterback pulled out the typical "I'm not happy here" card and went nuclear with his social media account.

According to CardsWire, Murray scrubbed his Instagram account of all Cardinals references and is no longer following the Cardinals on Twitter or Instagram. Plus, there are no mentions of him and the Cardinals in his social media profiles.

That's right, this is a typical move associated with disgruntled employees. And he's eligible for a contract extension this offseason, while the team has the choice to pick up his fifth-year option.

After starting the year 7-1, Murray missed three games with an ankle injury and the Cardinals season ended with a 2-5 streak that saw Arizona get beat up 34-19 by the Rams on Wild Card Weekend.

It's unclear why Murray went nuclear on the Cardinals with the social media scrub, but you can be sure he'll have a carefully crafted response to all of this that will be leaked to friendly NFL media types like Adam Schefter.

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