Trevor Siemian, Saints Aiming To Avoid Slow Starts

Drew Brees isn't walking through that door. Jameis Winston isn't either. Taysom Hill? Let's all just agree that he's better suited as a gunner on special teams than a starting QB.

So who's left to play the most important position for the Saints? Trevor John Siemian. And with that role comes the responsibility of guiding the New Orleans offense through a funk that includes back-to-back loses. That's a problem Siemian is aiming to rectify with more of a sense of urgency.

"We’ve just got to put it together early in football games, I think,” Siemian said on Wednesday.

Since injuries have overtaken the Saints' QB depth chart recently, Siemian has been the team's starter and has played well. Siemian's thrown for four touchdowns, no picks and more than 270 yards per game as a starter.

The bad news? New Orleans is winless in those two starts.

"I think we always look at why aren’t you winning? And for me, it’s we’ve got to play better early,” Siemian said. “Yeah, I think it’s when everybody recognizes we’ve got to have some urgency and we’ve probably got to throw it a little more. You don’t really want to become one dimensional if you don’t have to, but we can play with anybody."

It's hard to argue with Siemian. New Orleans' consecutive losses have come by a combined four points, so the QB and his team have been competitive.

“He never gets flustered,” wide receiver Tre'Quan Smith said earlier this week. “I’ve never seen him get out of character. You kind of look for that in your quarterback.”

Siemian has been doing his part, and it seems as though the rest of the team recognizes they'll need a higher sense of urgency themselves.

“Trevor’s doing a great job,” Marquez Callaway, a receiver, said on Wednesday. “There’s things we’ve got to work through, things we’ve got to overcome, but Trevor’s been playing lights out.”

Maybe the third time will be the charm? New Orleans heads to Philadelphia on Sunday for Siemian's third-straight start.


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