Toxicology Report Reveals Heavy Alcohol, Ketamine Use Leading Up To Dwayne Haskins' Death

Pittsburgh Steelers QB Dwayne Haskins tragically died at the age of 24 when a dump truck fatally struck Haskins as he was crossing a highway. The scene, which was ruled an accident, occurred on April 9 at Interstate 595 near Broward County in Florida.

A toxicology report released on Monday, via the Miami Herald, has provided further details involved in the accident.

Haskins reportedly had a BAC of .24 (tested again at .20), as well as having norktamine and ketamine (both anesthetics) in his system leading up to the time of his passing.

According to the Herald, Haskins had gone out the previous night with a friend identified as "Joey."

“They drank heavily and at some point, they got into a fight, separating,” the report noted.

Haskins was struck when he crossed the interstate with his vehicle parked on the shoulder and an unnamed female companion left in the passenger's seat. She was reportedly passed out in the vehicle.

The NFL community deeply mourned the young QB's death.

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