Torrey Smith Says Eagles Need To Keep Jalen Hurts Off Field For Time Being

There's been a lot of talk that Carson Wentz should no longer be the Philadelphia Eagles' starting quarterback. It's a fair debate, given the fact that Wentz has been bad and the Eagles (4-6-1) keep losing.

But whatever the Eagles do, they shouldn't use backup quarterback Jalen Hurts, according to former Eagles wide receiver Torrey Smith. At least, not yet.

“I personally, I wouldn’t play him,” Smith told 94WIP’s Jon Marks & Ike Reese when asked about the QB situation on Tuesday. “But the team obviously drafted him for Carson insurance, and if you feel like the offense is really struggling that way, then you can go in that direction. But me personally, I would rather Carson Wentz all the way throughout the year. I mean, Jalen, he simply wouldn’t touch the field."

Smith stressed that he wasn't bashing Hurts. Rather, Smith said he's just thinking about the Eagles' present and future.

"And I love Jalen Hurts as a player. I was huge fan of him coming out of college, but I mean, you drafted him and you started a controversy for no reason for Carson," Smith said. "And whether he admits it or not, I would never ask him about it — and that’s my boy, I talk to him -- I would never ask him about that because whether he think it or not, it’s tough when that’s weighing over your head when you know we’re talking about it on the radio right now."

In other words, Smith suggests, using Hurts could impact Wentz's confidence level and his performance.

"When you know fans are thinking it because you’re not playing your best or the offense isn’t playing its best," Smith said. "It’s tough to deal with. It’s another layer that complicates the issues that are happening right now.”

Wentz threw his league-leading 15th interception of the season in the Eagles’ 23-17 loss to the Seattle Seahawks on Monday. Still, the Eagles are only a half-game behind the New York Giants and Washington Football Team in the NFC East and still in the playoff hunt.

And Smith will be happy to know the Eagles coach Doug Pederson indicated no change to the quarterback position is on the way. "Right now, we’re not doing it," Pederson told reporters Tuesday.

The Eagles visit the Green Bay Packers on Sunday.

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