Tom Brady's Legacy Goes From Greatest QB To Greatest Pro Athlete After Super Bowl No. 7

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are Super Bowl champions after beating the Kansas City Chiefs 31-9 on Sunday night. It's the franchise's first since 2003, but this is No. 7 for 43-year-old quarterback Tom Brady.

At this point, the topic up for debate has changed.

We can all agree that Brady is the greatest quarterback of all time. That has been accepted for some time. For a short period, the discussion began to shift towards him being the greatest NFL player of all time. But that label still might not be far enough.

As OutKick owner Clay Travis pointed out on Twitter following the game, it's time to open up the discussion for Brady being the best professional athlete of all time, regardless of sport.

Brady has been in double-digit (10) Super Bowls, and he's now won 70 percent of them. The passing records, the All-Pro honors, the MVP awards ... all of that factors in. But those seven rings are the main driving force in any debate.

The man has more Super Bowl wins than all 32 franchises in the NFL. One guy. That is bonkers, folks.

Many believed the young gun Patrick Mahomes, the reigning Super Bowl LIV MVP, would outduel the old man. Those people were clearly wrong, and the statistics from Super Bowl LV certainly back it up. Brady was named MVP of the game, while Mahomes didn't score a touchdown.

Yes, players such as Leonard Fournette, Rob Gronkowski and Antonio Brown made a huge difference for the Buccaneers, but Brady was the X-factor in all of it. He is the one who attracted those guys to Tampa Bay in the first place.

Brady took a team under .500 in 2019 to a Super Bowl victory in 2020. Simply incredible.

We also won't forget to mention the outstanding job done by the defense. Whether it was Devin White, Shaq Barrett, Antoine Winfield Jr. or several others, this was a unit that had Kansas City's number. Outstanding performance.

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